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All custom shoes are handmade by master Italian craftsman from pristine Italian leather. Each designer pair is a one-of-a-kind, combining handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style for a product that’s perfectly Italian.

Enjoy a completely custom and top-quality collector’s edition packaging featuring amazing print quality, handmade Italian construction and a solid magnetic clip. This design piece adds great value to an already exclusive pair of custom made shoes.

Bandana Low's

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Santi Brand

My name is Jason most people know me by Santi. I am a fashion designer who started a clothing line end of 2018 simply because there was so much negativity in the world. Growing up I have always had a passion for fashion. A heart that is always giving. I have always had a vision outside of the box and a mind that never stops. The ability to create design and share with the world with the ability to spread positivity is a Dream Come True.

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